The Fabulous KIS class of ’67

Our 50th class reunion was a smashing success!

Thirty two of us classmates and twelve partners met in Stevensville, MT for several days of eating, hiking, eating, talking … generally catching up on our lives. Just Great.

Kodai Class of '67 50th Reunion, Taco Dinner Loey's yard, Steven

Kodai Class of ’67 50th Reunion, Taco Dinner Loey’s yard, Stevensville, Mt

For all the details go to   2017 Reunion


From David Cox: a link to his travel blog


2 thoughts on “The Fabulous KIS class of ’67

  1. Hoping to come and agree this is a good venue. My husband is also pleased with choice. Keep us posted and thanks

  2. Should be able to get away from the hospital duty for those few days. Was recently at a medical conference February at Big Sky, Montana and skied a few days. Beautiful country without a doubt. Need to check out my call schedule and see if I need to make some tricky trades in order to get away those specific days. Also our US National Fencing Championships are scheduled that week of June 28- July 11th and will be vying for one of four spots on the US Veteran’s Team to go to the World Championships and cannot miss that though usually the veteran’s league goes early in the week. We’ll see. Thanks Laura and Loey for all the work with arrangements once again.

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